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The Village Hall is now at the end of a five year improvement programme which has seen the building re-organised and updated with the addition of a new entrance and lobby,  kitchen upgrade, disabled toilets  a new meeting room and patio area.

Artist's Impression

Whilst we talk of a five year improvement programme, this is only the build element and the journey from the initial community survey in 2010 along with the many applications for funding has obviously taken time. Phase 1 (the internal improvements to the hall) was funded through local fundraising and a generous grant from the Parish Council.

Phase 2, the addition of the new lobby and meeting room again was only made possible by grants, donations and community support. We would like to thank The Garfield Weston Foundation for its generous grant and belief in our abilities to see the project through, the Parish Council for its financial support and the community for all the fund raising and support in kind that has made this project possible.

The addition of the patio in 2020 has helped us bring the building back into full use following the pandemic and we are now proceeding with structural repairs to the old building along with a programme of maintenance.

It is now time to think about the future and the demands on the building both in terms of sheer numbers and the growing number of users and plan for the further expansion of the facilities.