Room sizes;-   Main Hall           80m2

                        Spalton Room   15m2

​                        Aubrey Room    19m2

The Trustees have carried out a Covid-19 prevention assessment of he village hall and how best therefore to accommodate users. The plan opposite highlights the main issues and possible preventive actions - indicating areas where 2 metre distancing is not possible (pale blue), restricted use of certain areas, such as kitchen and toilets and highlighting the limited numbers who can use the hall should 2 metre distancing be continued.

We have amended our terms and conditions of hire to reflect the new conditions and must insist that all hirers must carry out their own risk assessments (based on their own user needs and advice) to ensure that they can operate safely, not just for their particular group but also within the wider needs of the hall.

For the moment the Spalton Room will stayed closed for furniture storage (allowing us to operate a rotational use of the tables and chairs) and as an isolation room in the event of someone falling ill whilst using the hall. A covid assist box is provided with appropriate PPE and cleaning

The Aubrey Room will be ready for use by September and will act as the meeting room from that time.

Users are asked to minimise the use of the kitchen and are encouraged to bring their own refreshments wherever practical. If using the kitchen then this is restricted to one person and the user will be required bring their own teatowels etc and ensure the kitchen is cleaned thoroughly before leaving.

All users of the hall are reminded that social distancing and good hygiene are the best ways of staying safe. Hand sanitizer is provided in all rooms and passageways.

We appreciate that it is difficult to work ones way through all the detailed requirements and are only too happy to assist in ensuring that the the facilities are as safe as possible for your use.

Also please see below the layout of the main rooms with a pattern of 1m squares superimposed to assist you in your capcity calculation. Also opposite are two photographs that illustrate possible room layoys for presentations and/or meetings. We hope that this assists you in your planning.

Willington Village Hall Trustees.

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